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The company switches to remote operation mode


Twin Disc products were presented at the company's booth


The batch of lifeboat engines has been delivered to Russia by the official distributor

Scania launched the production of marine engines meeting the requirements of TIER III.

Marine engine Scania TIER III

 The new Scania engines have the same size as a current model range, so when you upgrade an  existing installation of Scania there is no need to increase the area of the engine bed. Scania has  extensive experience of introducing the exhaust systems: SCR is a proven technology that has  already been applied to industrial engines and engines for trucks.
 When applying a new system, Scania gives support in any questions regarding the necessary piping,  cables and other components. The system includes the SCR catalyst, individual exhaust system,  the evaporator for mixing of urea and exhaust and three-way pressure relief valve. The new solution  is available for 13 and 16-litre engines Scania.
 The big advantage of the new system is that it does not require a modification of the range of fuels  and lubricants. Thus, there remains the possibility of using fuels with sulfur content 0.2% (2000  ppm).